is the personal website of Nicole Baldivia-Mendoza.

Professionally, Nicole has been doing a lot of digital marketing, sales, as well as web (websites, apps) project account management. You can read more on that on her LinkedIn profile. Now, she’s putting a lot of her energy on freelance work (mostly writing for the web).

Nicole Will Eat, Nicole’s blog, was initially ran as a food blog, but what you’ll mostly read here are technology, books, music, and everything else we figuratively digest. As a personal blog, you will also see more than a few posts on marriage and relationships in general.

Nicole is a huge tech geek. Friends and family come to her for advice on how to fix their iPhones, what apps to download, and even what gadget to purchase, among others. She is also passionate about website and app user interfaces, and enjoys great visual design on any medium.

Downtimes for Nicole mean playing the piano or guitar, reading fiction, cooking, watching movies or TV shows, taking photos, and tweeting.

Nicole loves Jesus!